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Global Biotechnology Market Size, Segmentation, Trends and Growth Analysis Forecast by 2030

  •   DLR4912
  •   May, 2024
  •   Pages: 150
  •  Global

Biotechnology Market Overview and Analysis:

The global biotechnology market was estimated at USD 1,224.31 billion in 2022, registering a CAGR of 12.8% over a forecast period, from 2023 to 2030.

Biotechnology Market

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Biotechnology is a broad field that involves the use of living organisms, cells, and biological systems to develop or create products and technologies that benefit society. It combines principles from biology, chemistry, genetics, and other scientific disciplines to solve problems and create new applications in various sectors, including healthcare, agriculture, environmental science, and industry. Biotechnological techniques and processes are used to manipulate biological systems at the molecular and cellular levels, leading to the development of new drugs, therapies, genetically modified organisms, and sustainable solutions to address global challenges.

Biotechnology Market Latest Trends:

Biotechnology is enabling the development of personalized treatment plans based on an individual's genetic makeup. This trend includes pharmacogenomics and the use of genetic information to tailor drug therapies. Moreover, the advancements in biotechnology have led to the development of new and improved immunotherapies, which harness the body's immune system to combat diseases like cancer. CAR-T cell therapy is a notable example. Thus, the market is expected to witness significant growth over the forecast period.


The Biotechnology Market is Segmented

By Application :

  • Bio-pharmacy
  • Bio-industries
  • Bio-services
  • Bio-agriculture
  • Bio-informatics

Technology :

  • Fermentation
  • Tissue Engineering
  • Regeneration
  • Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) Technology
  • Nanobiotechnology
  • Chromatography
  • Deoxyribonucleic Acid (DNA) Sequencing
  • Cell-Based Assay


  • North America
  • Europe
  • Asia-Pacific
  • South America
  • Middle-East
  • Africa

The report offers the market sizes and forecasts in value (USD million) for all the above segments.

Biotechnology Market Segmentation

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Rising Incidences of Target Diseases and Genetic Disorders

An article titled, “Global burden of genetic disease and the role of genetic Screening” reported that it is estimated that 5.3% of newborns suffer from a genetic disorder when followed up until the age of 25 years. The article also reported that chromosomal disorders have a combined frequency of 1 in 153 births, therefore screening for chromosomal disorders is essential, using biochemical markers, ultrasonography, and recently by non-invasive prenatal diagnosis based on cell-free fetal DNA in maternal plasma. Thus, such instances show a high incidence of rare diseases is expected to drive the growth of the studied market.

Technological Developments 

The recent mergers, acquisitions, product launches, and collaboration between various pharmaceutical companies are boosting the growth of the studied market. For instance, in April 2021, Thermo Fischer Scientific acquired a clinical research organization. Similarly, In August 2022, Gilead Sciences, Inc. successfully acquired MiroBio, gaining access to their exclusive biotechnology discovery platform and comprehensive portfolio of immune inhibitory receptor agonists. The integration of MiroBio's proficiency in checkpoint receptor signaling and proprietary biotechnology methods for generating exceptional agonist antibodies synergizes seamlessly with Gilead's drug development and therapeutic area knowledge, signifying a strategic leap forward in the application of biotechnological advancements for treating immune-related conditions Thus, the market is expected to witness significant growth over the forecast period.

Restraints :

The high level of investment in the biotechnology sector is slowing down the growth of the studied market. The substantial investments in biotechnology, research, and the development of new products and technologies require huge investments and thus may slow down the growth of the studied market.

COVID-19 Impact on Biotechnology Market

The biotechnology market has experienced significant positive impacts due to the COVID-19 pandemic, as it has created a surge in opportunities and advancements in the fields of drug development and vaccine manufacturing. In 2021, the global production of COVID-19 vaccines exceeded 11 billion doses, resulting in the vaccination of approximately half of the world's population within a single year. Additionally, the remarkable success of mRNA vaccines and the expedited approval processes have led to a substantial increase in revenue associated with vaccines. This is evident through the collective revenue generation of approximately USD 31 billion in 2021 from vaccines produced by companies such as Moderna, Pfizer/BioNTech, and Johnson & Johnson.

Segmental Analysis:

Fermentation is Expected to Witness Significant Growth Over the Forecast Period

Biopharmaceutical fermentation is a crucial process in the production of biopharmaceuticals, which are medical drugs and therapies derived from living organisms or their components, such as proteins and nucleic acids. This fermentation process involves the controlled growth of microorganisms, typically bacteria or yeast, or the cultivation of mammalian cells in bioreactors to produce the desired biopharmaceutical product.

Furthermore, the development in this segment is expected to drive the growth of the studied segment. For instance, in December 2022, MilliporeSigma acquired Massachusetts-based Erbi Biosystems, a developer of the 2 ml micro-bioreactor platform technology, known as the Breez. The acquisition assists the company in strengthening its upstream portfolio in therapeutic proteins by enabling scalable cell-based perfusion bioreactor processes from 2ml to 2000L with rapid lab-scale process development. Thus, the segment is expected to witness significant growth over the forecast period.

Bio-informatics is Expected to Witness Significant Growth Over the Forecast Period

The growth factors for the bioinformatics segment include the rising demand for nucleic acid and protein sequencing, rising initiatives from private and government organizations, the accelerating growth of proteomics and genomics, and rising research on molecular biology and drug discovery. Owing to the above factors, the global bioinformatics market is expected to experience rapid growth during the forecast period. Furthermore, the recent development in this segment is expected to drive the growth of the studied segment. For instance, in June 2022, California's biotechnology research startup LatchBio launched an end-to-end bioinformatics platform for handling big biotech data to accelerate scientific discovery.

North America is Expected to Witness Significant Growth Over the Forecast Period

North America is witnessing growth due to several factors, such as the presence of key players, extensive R&D activities, and high healthcare expenditure. The region has a high penetration of genomics, proteomics, and cell biology-based platforms that are accelerating the adoption of life sciences tools. Furthermore, the rise in the prevalence of chronic diseases and the rising adoption of personalized medicine applications for the treatment of life-threatening disorders is expected to positively impact the market growth in the region.

For instance, in November 2022, AstraZeneca announced the acquisition of Neogene Therapeutics Inc. into its portfolio, united in its mission to introduce cutting-edge cell therapies to patients battling solid tumors. With a shared commitment to advancing biotechnological approaches, the inclusion of TCR-Ts (cell therapy) from Neogene brings the potential to identify intracellular targets, including cancer-specific mutations, thus opening new possibilities for targeting previously inaccessible markers through cell therapies. This strategic collaboration holds great promise in transforming the landscape of cancer treatment and personalized medicine. Thus, such developments are boosting the growth of the studied market and thus the region is expected to witness significant growth over the forecast period.

Biotechnology Market table

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Biotechnology Market Competitive Landscape:

The market is moderately fragmented with the presence of several local companies. These market players are striving to gain higher market share by adopting different marketing strategies, such as new product launches, investments, partnerships, and mergers & and acquisitions. The companies are also spending on the development of improved products. Moreover, they are also focusing on competitive pricing. The various developmental strategies such as acquisition, business expansion, investments, new product launches, partnerships, joint ventures, and mergers foster market growth and offer lucrative growth opportunities to the market players. Some of the prominent players include:

Key Players :

  • Lonza
  • AstraZeneca
  • Pfizer Inc.
  • Gilead Sciences Inc.
  • F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd.
  • Biogen
  • CELGENE Corporation
  • Sanofi
  • Abbott
  • Novartis AG

Recent Developments:

1) In January 2023, Anima Biotech collaborated with AbbVie to accelerate the development of novel mRNA biology modulators for the treatment of various oncology and immunology targets.

2) In January 2023, Gero and Pfizer entered a strategic research collaboration to harness Pfizer's domain expertise and Gero's advanced technology platform. The partnership aims to identify genes and pathways associated with fibrotic diseases, presenting a remarkable advancement in the biotechnology market by combining a pioneering biotech firm's machine-learning capabilities with a prominent biopharmaceutical company's resources to tackle chronic diseases and age-related conditions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) :

Q1. What is the Biotechnology Market size of the?

The global biotechnology market was estimated at USD 1,224.31 billion.

Q2. At what CAGR is the market projected to grow within the forecast period?

Biotechnology Market is registering a CAGR of 12.8% over a forecast period.

Q3. What segments are covered in the Biotechnology Market Report?

By Application, By Technology and Geography are the segments covered in the Biotechnology Market Report.

Q4. What are the factors driving the Biotechnology Market?

Key factors that are driving the Biotechnology Market growth include the Rising Incidences of Target Diseases and Genetic Disorders and Technological Developments.

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Research Process

Data Library Research are conducted by industry experts who offer insight on industry structure, market segmentations technology assessment and competitive landscape (CL), and penetration, as well as on emerging trends. Their analysis is based on primary interviews (~ 80%) and secondary research (~ 20%) as well as years of professional expertise in their respective industries. Adding to this, by analysing historical trends and current market positions, our analysts predict where the market will be headed for the next five years. Furthermore, the varying trends of segment & categories geographically presented are also studied and the estimated based on the primary & secondary research.

In this particular report from the supply side Data Library Research has conducted primary surveys (interviews) with the key level executives (VP, CEO’s, Marketing Director, Business Development Manager and SOFT) of the companies that active & prominent as well as the midsized organization



Primary Research

Extensive primary research was conducted to gain a deeper insight of the market and industry performance. The analysis is based on both primary and secondary research as well as years of professional expertise in the respective industries.

In addition to analysing current and historical trends, our analysts predict where the market is headed over the next five years.

It varies by segment for these categories geographically presented in the list of market tables. Speaking about this particular report we have conducted primary surveys (interviews) with the key level executives (VP, CEO’s, Marketing Director, Business Development Manager and many more) of the major players active in the market.

Secondary Research

Secondary research was mainly used to collect and identify information useful for the extensive, technical, market-oriented, and Friend’s study of the Global Extra Neutral Alcohol. It was also used to obtain key information about major players, market classification and segmentation according to the industry trends, geographical markets, and developments related to the market and technology perspectives. For this study, analysts have gathered information from various credible sources, such as annual reports, sec filings, journals, white papers, SOFT presentations, and company web sites.

Market Size Estimation

Both, top-down and bottom-up approaches were used to estimate and validate the size of the Global market and to estimate the size of various other dependent submarkets in the overall Extra Neutral Alcohol. The key players in the market were identified through secondary research and their market contributions in the respective geographies were determined through primary and secondary research.

Forecast Model