Web Hosting Services Market, By Type (Shared Hosting, Dedicated Hosting, VPS Hosting, Website Builder), by Deployment (Public, Private, Hybrid), By Connectivity (Ethernet, XDSL, VPN, MPLS, Fiber) opportunities and forecast 2020-2027

Market OverviewWeb hosting refers to process of providing infrastructure in form of servers on payment basis by service providers such as GoDaddy, amazon web services, among others. The service mar... Read More

Online Payment Gateway Market, By Type (Hosted, Self-Hosted, Local, Direct, Non-Hosted, Platform-based), By Application (Financial Services, Banking, Retail, Telecommunications, Healthcare and Others) opportunities and forecast 2020-2027

Market OverviewPayment gateway acts as intermediate between e-commerce site and bank. Online payment encodes sensitive information which is used for authentication of online transaction. It is used... Read More

Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) Market, By Type (ATIS, ATPS, APTS, ATMS, EMS),) By Application (Road Safety & Security, Traffic Management, Freight Management, Public Transport) opportunities and forecast 2020-2027

Market OverviewThe need for presenting the real-time traffic info to passengers and drivers is one of the main factors driving the demand for the market. Development in emergency services and traff... Read More

Human Augmentation Market, By Tech (Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Exoskeleton, Intelligent Virtual Assistants), By Type (Body Worn, Non-body Worn) opportunities and forecast 2020-2027

Market OverviewMajor factors propelling the growth of market include surge in technology penetration in the healthcare, strong and safe military personnel, advent of AI in wearable devices, and ris... Read More

Gesture Recognition Market, By Technology (Touch based, Touchless) By End user (Automotive, Aerospace and Defense, Gaming, Consumer Electronics, Healthcare and Others) opportunities and forecast 2020-2027

Gesture Recognition Market OverviewThe growth of artificial intelligence (AI) has given upsurge to the gesture-recognition-based devices. Douwe Egberts come up with innovative machine, that was pla... Read More

Virtual Reality Market, By Technology (Non-immersive, Semi and Fully-immersive), By Offering (Hardware, Software) By Application (Consumer, Commercial, Enterprise, Healthcare) opportunities and forecast 2020-2027

Market OverviewVR has gained extensive recognition and adoption in the past few years. Major tech giant have led the market to evolve, building trust and awareness among the users. Many players are... Read More

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